When "I Love You Guy" premiered at the Bangkok Theatre Festival 2007 last November, audiences packed onto the second floor of a restaurant and experienced this simple yet sincere, heartfelt, and frequently hilarious gay love story. In the plot, Aye run a restaurant and thus the atmosphere made it feel like a site-specific performance, adding to the realistic style of acting that drew empathy from the audience.

The four thespians worked well together as an ensenble. Although they're not professional comedians but part-time actors, their lines and actions drew much laughter.

While soap operas and films are filled with gay stereotypes in overwrought situations, "I Love You Guy" offers a rare look into the reality of alternative lifestyle. In an era when the stage isn dominated by larger-than-life spectacular theatre productions, we can still enjoy life as it really is.

จาก The Nation ฉบับวันที่ 8 กุมภาพันธุ์ 2008 Weekend Session หน้า 6   

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